Immerse Yourself - MBA ACT

Master Builders Association (ACT) approached us to help explore how they can best prepare and train the trades apprentices of tomorrow with the technology and tools of today.

We were delighted to take on this challenge and introduced them to what was possible with Virtual and Augmented Reality. The discussions settled upon tackling two key areas for MBA - Workplace Health & Safety Assessment / Training and how to engage with potential to-be apprentices at schools and trade expos.

Real life WHS training in the virtual world

Traditional safety training is delivered through teacher instruction, formal written assessment and safety videos. It allows a decent layer of engagement but some of this important information gets lost by the time the apprentice actually goes on site for the first time.

So how do we improve it?

VR enables the user to be better engaged with the course content through allowing the user to experience the task first hand - as if there were there. We were able to extract the required components from the assessment - what risks to identify, understanding the severity of hazards, and how to react accordingly to the sitation at hand.

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