Electrifying XR.

What we do

With a mix of software development and game development backgrounds, we bring a fresh angle to your project. We use Virtual and Augmented reality to the fullest, allowing you to enhance your previous offerings with a completely new experience.

We've worked with clients in Education, OH&S and IOT spaces from conception to completion to deliver game-changing VR and AR apps.

VR development

Let's make the virtual real. We enable you to use Virtual Reality to train high-risk tasks in a no-risk environment.

AR development

Bring realtime data into the real world, pre-visualise construction sites - we bring 3D visualisations onto your phone and into the world with the power of Augmented Reality.

Game Design/Gamification

With a background in game development, we know how to make something fun. We'll be there from the start to create an engaging experience that anyone can enjoy.

3D Art production

Our experienced 3D artists enable us to build immaculate life-like environments.

Tech to support the tools

We've got both sides of the pipeline. We can build you first-class experiences, and provide a web-platform to manage, administrate and control it.

Technical Consulting

Not sure what technology to use? AR or VR? We're here to help you get up to speed with the latest tech.

Real life WHS training in the virtual world

Partnering with MBA ACT, we created an immersive virtual construction environment to train and assess new apprentices on how to deal with potential unsafe issues on the worksite.

Hands-free IoT diagnostics

Working in colloboration with a large commercial IoT company, we transformed a local training institution's BMS platform to provide real-time data views on a Microsoft HoloLens. Students can now understand the current temperature, voltage and stage of the building, and how it's managed - without having to look at a PC screen.

Get in touch

Let's have a chat! Get in contact with us for a free initial consultation, or a demo of some VR / AR tech.

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